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Welcome to My Medigap Consultant!  We are an Medicare insurance brokerage based locally in North Carolina specializing in medicare supplement quotes for seniors. Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to make a smart decision regarding your Medicare Supplement Quotes.  Whether you are looking for Medicare plans or you are from out of our state and need help selecting a plan, we are here to help you.

Here is some of what we do for our clients:

  • No Obligation Medicare Supplement quotes
  • Comparison of Financial Strength of Medicare Companies
  • Analysis of your needs to determine plans that best suit you
  • We represent a number of Medicare Insurance Companies, so we can offer you the best rate
  • You will receive our valuable E-newsletter with updates on Medicare and other useful information for Seniors
  • Annual review of your Plan to make sure you are getting the "best bang for your buck"
  • Assistance with Medicare Part D Plan Selection

We do not "sell" Medicare policies, we educate you on your options.  We are not pushy or "high pressure" sales people.  We take pride in working with you to find the best Medicare Supplement Plan available to you in your area.  We do make sure that you are informed about your insurance choices.  When purchasing your insurance plans through us you can feel confident that you are getting the best coverage, the most affordable price, and continued service after the policy has been written.  We want to be your first Medigap Consultant and your last.  We develop strong and long lasting relationships with our clients, often working with them for over 10 years. 

If you are searching for Medicare plan or plans in another state, with My Medigap Consultant you can expect integrity and accountability from knowledgeable agents that are committed to providing quality service while helping you protect your income and your financial well being.

Check out our medicare supplement blog (link at top right of page) for ideas, thoughts, and comments on all things related to selecting a medicare supplement policy.

Rusty and Heather Williams
Owners / Independent Brokers

For Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington

Actual Medicare Supplement Savings

  • Richard and Ingrid C
    Old Carrier $928/month
    New Carrier $210/month
    Savings $718/month
    (Annual Savings $8,616)
    Did you know??
    Prices for Medigap Plans are fixed by law, so you will not find a better rate with another broker or direct with the company!
  • Glen B, Faison, NC
    Old Carrier $500/month
    New Carrier $150/month
    Savings $350/month
    (Annual Savings $4,200)
  • Did you know??
    No company pays claims faster or better than any other company.  Medicare (CMS) dictates what is paid!!
  • Nettie B.     Cary NC
    Old Carrier $175/month
    New Carrier $125/month
    Savings $50/month
    (Annual Savings $600)
    Did you know???
    You can change your medicare supplement plans at any time during the year!  Don't pay more than you have too! 
    Jim N.     Charlotte, NC
    Old Carrier $187/month
    New Carrier $122/month
    Savings $55/month
    (Annual Savings $660)
  • Dianne W.     Raleigh, NC area
    New to Medicare (age 68)  
    Plan G $98.25/month
  • Did you know??
    Underwriting is different for each company!  Work with a broker to find your best plan, we know a good broker if you need one (wink)!
    Wayne B.     Cary, NC
    Old Carrier $223/month
    New Carrier $135/month
    Savings $88/month
    (Annual Savings $1,056)
  • Glen B.     Cary, NC
    Old Carrier $147/month
    New Carrier $95/month
    Savings $40/month
    (Annual Savings $480)



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