Why Choose Us

There are many options available to you when deciding which agency to work with in selecting the best Medicare Supplement policy for yourself. We are a small specialty brokerage business that is dedicated to helping seniors in their retired years.

  • We talk with you about what you want and need, then educate you on what is best for you and why it's best for you.
  • We create long term relationships with our clients. We work with you before and after you enroll in Medicare. Our goal is to be your first and last medicare consultant.
  • We will call you back! Sounds simple; but you would be surprised at how many times we hear this complaint about other agencies.  Many of the agents out there are "sell it and forget it" mentality.  We understand that service is what keeps us in business.
  • We don't shy away from helping you with Medicare Part D. We do not represent any Part D companies, but we do help you find the best plan for your medications and budget. It's an added service to our clients.
  • We offer financially strong insurance companies and the best plans based on your area.
  • We will share valueable information with you on a timely basis thru our E-newsletter.
  • We provide annual reviews. Again, most agents "sell it and forget it". We understand premiums change each year. We will shop your plan each year and inform you when there are other insurance companies that are cheaper.
  • We spend the time to learn about your situation.  There is no one size fits all with Medicare Supplement Plans.  We learn about you so we can offer the best plan based on your budget and needs.

Since you are on a fixed income, you need someone in your corner consultanting with you about your options.  Give us a call to see if we can help you.  If you are just turning 65 or need a rate comparison of your current plan, we can help you make sense out of the Medicare Alphabet soup!

Heather Williams


Actual Medicare Supplement Savings

  • Richard and Ingrid C
    Old Carrier $928/month
    New Carrier $210/month
    Savings $718/month
    (Annual Savings $8,616)
    Did you know??
    Prices for Medigap Plans are fixed by law, so you will not find a better rate with another broker or direct with the company!
  • Glen B, Faison, NC
    Old Carrier $500/month
    New Carrier $150/month
    Savings $350/month
    (Annual Savings $4,200)
  • Did you know??
    No company pays claims faster or better than any other company.  Medicare (CMS) dictates what is paid!!
  • Nettie B.     Cary NC
    Old Carrier $175/month
    New Carrier $125/month
    Savings $50/month
    (Annual Savings $600)
    Did you know???
    You can change your medicare supplement plans at any time during the year!  Don't pay more than you have too! 
    Jim N.     Charlotte, NC
    Old Carrier $187/month
    New Carrier $122/month
    Savings $55/month
    (Annual Savings $660)
  • Dianne W.     Raleigh, NC area
    New to Medicare (age 68)  
    Plan G $98.25/month
  • Did you know??
    Underwriting is different for each company!  Work with a broker to find your best plan, we know a good broker if you need one (wink)!
    Wayne B.     Cary, NC
    Old Carrier $223/month
    New Carrier $135/month
    Savings $88/month
    (Annual Savings $1,056)
  • Glen B.     Cary, NC
    Old Carrier $147/month
    New Carrier $95/month
    Savings $40/month
    (Annual Savings $480)



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